Where is iphone backup stored on mac yosemite

Next, click the Storage tab to see a graph of the various categories of files taking up space on your Mac and how much free space remains. If you see a big chunk labeled as iOS Files, then you've got some backups you can move or delete.

If you no longer need them, highlight them and click the Delete button and then Delete again to confirm your intention to permanently delete the file. To move them to an external drive, click the Show in Finder button and then drag them to your external drive. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Right-click or control-click on the file and select Move to Trash. Just in case you wish to save some files, move them to Dropbox or transfer them to the external drive.

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To do so, right click on bin icon , click on Empty Trash and confirm. So, did you try clearing up some space on your Mac? Have something to say?

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3 Ways to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on Mac

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What are these backup files and why are they taking up so much space?

Related Articles. The AirPods Pro are Apple's finest wireless earphones to date. With noise cancellation and enhanced sound quality, they might just make you give up Read more. By Karen Haslam 14 Oct With macOS Catalina arriving on Macs, it's sure to be the case that you installed the updated only to regret it later.

Perhaps you discovered that an app you rely on no longer works or is buggy, maybe you just hate one of the new features, or perhaps there is a problem with Catalina that makes you wish you hadn't installed it straight away.

Delete old iOS backups to free up tons of space on your Mac

Luckily it is possible to downgrade, but unfortunately, Apple doesn't make it as easy as it could. This article will help you downgrade from any version of the Mac operating system to an older version - so if you are looking to downgrade from Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan or even one of the Big Cat versions of Mac OS X, then read on! Alternatively, you could protect yourself from being lumbered with an operating system that doesn't run the way you want it to or doesn't run the apps you need by installing it on a separate volume also known as dual booting or running it on a separate drive , so, maybe after reverting back to an older macOS, you might like to try that instead.

Catalina is a great update to the Mac operating system read our Catalina review , with some useful features and some iOS inspired changes. However, as with Mojave, and High Sierra before it, it is likely that it will take a while for some of the new capabilities to arrive and in the meantime, users may encounter problems and vulnerabilities with the new software.

macos - Backup iPhone to external drive on Mac - Ask Different

There may be other reasons why you need to revert to an older version of the Mac operating system. Perhaps you have discovered that the version of Photoshop you own no longer works, for example.

We run through the apps that don't work in Catalina here. Or maybe you need to run an older version of the macOS on a Mac you are using to test apps as part of your job. In which case you may be looking to run multiple operating systems on the same machine. We have this more detailed article that looks at various ways to install old versions of macOS here.

But it is still possible to downgrade your Mac. If you are wanting to downgrade from a beta version of macOS we have a separate article dealing with downgrading from a beta version of macOS here. Before you start the process of downgrading your Mac, you should back up your Mac. However, you shouldn't use Apple's Time Machine to make this particular backup, because if you recover from a Time Machine backup made in macOS Catalina you will recover Catalina too.

Instead back up any recent changes and documents using another back up tool. We have a few suggestions here: Best backup software for Macs. Hopefully you do have an older Time Machine back up from before you upgraded as this will make the downgrade process a lot easier. Ideally you will have had your backup drive plugged in making regular backups of your Mac, or at least you will have made a backup prior to upgrading to Catalina which is somethign we always advise when updating an OS.